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New York Fashion week and loving my job!

Photography has taken me places I never thought I would go.   Places and events that open up my mind creatively and keep me inspired to keep growing as a photographer and artist.

New York Fashion Week is fast paced, chaotic, and can be very intimidating.  I’ll admit when I leave here I feel like my closet is the most boring thing I have ever seen and I have a crazy urge to take out a loan for as much money as possible and buy myself an insane wardrobe. Then I remember to let that feeling go and just observe what the real stuff is.  The real stuff being that fact that every designer that is showing is fulfilling a dream.  A creative expression that once only lived inside this person’s head is now a reality and inspiring a room full of people.

So while I am impressed with the cloths and music and models I am moved much deeper by the reminder that dreams do come true.  There is a creative expression that lives inside all of us that deserves to be listened to.  Mine being photography.  When I see or imagine something beautiful I want to capture that moment.  I love to capture beauty while it is happening and also to enhance beauty by coming up with creative concepts.   On a daily basis I am expressing what my heart beats for.

What creative expression lives inside of you right now?

jana-williams-photography-3-4 copyPants & Scarf -Top Shop

Hat- Preston and Olivia