Canon Mark IV Review

White Wedding

The Canon 5d Mark IV has made some new improvements from the Canon 5d Mark III. I took some photos with the 5d Mark IV, and noticed a few new features!

The focus on the 5d Mark IV has extremely improved, shooting with their new focusing system has allowed me grab the details of the wedding dress and facial features. I also noticed that the portraits were sharper too. The (...)

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Julie Solomon Home Tour

Julie Solomon Home by Decorist

I couldn't help but notice how relaxing Julie's Home was as I  captured these photos.  Julie Solomon, Co-owner of OMG! Publicity and a New York best-selling publicist welcomes in such a cozy relaxed boho vibe with her home. Thanks to designer Ashley Redmond from Decorist, her home was designed with absolute comfort in mind.

Here are 4 Tips to Give Your Home a Cozy Touch:

1. Have as (...)

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How to Tie a Bow Tie

How to Tie a Bow Tie
As a wedding photographer, I've run into this question more than once "How do you tie a bow tie?". Whether you're getting ready for an engagement shoot, wedding or just dressing to impress - I hope this video helps you out step by step!


How to Tie a Bow Tie | Step by Step

1. Place the bow tie around your neck
- make sure that one side is (...)
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My review on Birchbox the monthly Beauty Subscribtion

Birchbox Beauty Subscription review/ great holiday gift ideas for girlfriends

I am writting this reveiw 3 months into my subscribtions to Birchbox.  Honestly I wasn't totally excited about it at first becasoue I assumed I would be getting random products each month But that is not the case at ALL!

Birchbox is a monthly skincare, makeup, and hair product subscribtion. $10.00 a month or $120.00 a year.  When you subscribe you fill out a questionare with details abotu your (...)

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Fitness Friday A secret Ingredients is in this Green juice!

Kim kardashian's trainer book 5 pounds reveiw

Happy fitness Friday! I have been reading the book 5 pounds. It basically gives us 5 tools to do everyday to loose 5 pounds. Great for those last 5 or the first 5 and if you need to loose more the book says to continue. I just picked it up and the book is over 300 pages so I have not finished it yet. Once I do I will do (...)

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Miracle Mornings-to increase Productivity and Positivity

Miracle Mornings -to increase productivity and positivity every day!

Miracle Mornings help me be more productive and start the day off in a positive grounded place. In the past, I would push snooze a few times and then rush out the door to make it to my workout class or work. After completing the 3o day's challenge I decided to make Miracle Mornings apart of my lifestyle.
I follow this routine Monday-Friday and sleep in on Sat & Sun.

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Take a Chance with your Creative Nook

pink flamingo wallpaper, leather pouf, white moroccan wedding blanket, chic black and white prints

I believe surrounding yourself around inspiring things keeps you inspired. when I first picked out this pink flamingo Wallpaper I thought Dave was gonna put the breaks on it But with a little convincing he let me go to town. Taking a chance with your home interior can be a little scary but I think if you are going to go put Pink Flamingos anywhere it should be on an (...)

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