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The sun stays out longer, spring is in the air & so is Coachella! If you have never been to Coachella its a music festival in a wide open feild in Palm Springs. The fashion , the music, the people….. You gotta go once! Chriselle and I went year before last and had a blast here is a link to those photos.
Liz, Rach, and I took a little trip to see the Poppy feilds and here is what we came up with.
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IMG_2519                         The pic on the left is form April 2014 The pic on the right is from March 2015
FullSizeRender-2                           Lake Hollywood is one of my favorite places to jog around twice is 8 miles!FullSizeRender               I started skipping the shakes and just taking the shots the yellow is wellness the green is E3Live shot
IMG_2481Last April I saw a photo of myself and decided I was going to stop making excuses and get back into shape the way I like to be. You see I have ALWAYS had to workout. I am just not nor have I ever been a girl who could eat whatever she wants.

I have gained around 15 to 20 lbs twice in my life…once in my early 20’s and then again last year. When I met Dave, I was the size I am now. We kinda fell in love on the treadmill:)

My life became super busy with the photography business as I started traveling a ton and I stopped doing something I loved which is working out and being healthy. I started to think “Well, this is what happens when you are over 30 and busy working.” Then I decided that I actually can have a successful business and workout and eat healthy.

One adjustment I made in regards to my business is that I started to outsource my color correction (more on this later). And here are some key changes I made with regard to fitness:

Exercise: Barry’s Bootcamp and Tone It Up videos. At Barry’s I use 8 to 10 pound dumbbells for my arm workouts. I firmly believe this has changed my arms. I cannot believe I have my triceps back, OMG!I have been running an average of 3 miles at Barrys jogging at 5.5, running at 7.0, and sprint at 8.0. I never do incline or faster sprints because I am all about keeping my knees and back in good shape. I do Barry’s about four times per week. The days that I don’t do Barry’s. I’ve been jogging about 8 miles at about 5.5 speed. This is honestly for my mind more than my body:)

I love to jog around Lake Hollywood. I never listen to music I just say affirmations in my head while I jog. Also, if I pass other joggers I silently wish them that all other dreams and goals come true. Its an awesome hour:)

Nutrition: I started taking healthy shots like the wellness and algae shot every morning. I feel like it has helped so much with sugar cravings. I also have dramatically reduced my alcohol intake and leaving an occasional glass of wine for special occasions. I have also started cooking more so my meals are pretty darn simple.

Last year I remember telling Dave that I needed to switch my thinking from “I want know everything about the new hottest restaurants and their chic wine list” to “I want to know everything about the new juice bar down the street and how I can be super healthy.”

A huge thank you to everyone who has made a comment on Instagram or Facebook…seriously means the world!

Life is full of ups and downs and changes.  I encourage us all to love ourselves wherever we are in this journey and to tell ourselves we are doing great.  Lets encourage each other to live at our fullest potential and build each other up.

I would love to hear any fitness tips or wellness tips you guys have!

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