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I had the Pleasure of photographing Jenny from Margo & Me bridal shower at The Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills a few weeks ago.  Leslie from Encore events truly outdid herself with this one! A Grand Budapest Hotel theme! Jenny wore a stunning pink cocktail dress from Monique Lhuillier that was perfect.  The shower is also up on Martha Stewart Weddings right now! And all weekend long there will be an instagram takeover on MSW with photos from the event. Super thankful and excited for that!  View full post »


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Have you guys heard of Bulletproof Coffee?  Well I just heard about it and it’s basically putting grass feed butter in your coffee. A friend who told me about tit said that it curbs your appetite, gives you more energy, and somehow makes your waist smaller.  I’m like what! I’m def gonna try that! I read that the recipe has been around for ages and its kinda a beauty secret. Hmm. I also hear they are opening a bulletproof coffee shop in Santa Monica on Main Street if you live in the La area.  My personal experience for the past 4 days of drinking my butter coffee has been fine.  I would not say that I feel a huge difference.  I actually feel good about putting that healthy fat in my body early in the day.  A old awesome Korean woman told me that not enough protein and good fat will make my skin loose… More on that in another post.  I am going to keep drinking my bulletcoffee and I will keep you posted on if I start to feel a huge difference. In the meantime here is the recipe View full post »


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  These days my instagram is almost all iPhone pics! I am mostly using VSCO cam to edit my photos. I made a detailed youtube video with all of my editing tips here.  I literally think iPhone pics are an art in itself. I snapped these photos while shooting a story with Jenny from Margo and Me from Martha Stewart Weddings:)  The location is BHLDN in Beverly Hills so pretty.

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 Its been a little gloomy in Hollywood Ca lately and to brighten up my home I went and bought a bunch of flowers.  It got me thinking about Flower Power and .. View full post »



Dave and I just got home from 4 days at the best resort I have ever stayed in. The Palmilla in Cabo mexico. I was determined to maintain my weight and workout routine while on vacation.  I weighed this morning and only gained 1.5 lbs on the trip.  I consider that a huge victory.  Here is a few things I learned and practiced this week that helped me to maintain my weight while on vacation…. View full post »