Feminie.Delicate. Ladylike

Jenny Packham's designs scream Feminine. Delicate. Pretty. Timeless. Romantic. I have always adored her dresses and if I were in the market for a 2nd wedding dress or planning a renewal ceremony ( maybe I should!) I think a dress like this would be amazing. Depending on the wedding I could easily see a wedding guest wearing this dress.  If you have a fancy event or photo shoot coming up check out Jenny Packham. We shoot this at The Parker Palm Springs and it was (more…)
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How to have more energy!

Fitness Friday-health and fitness tips-Hollywood Ca fitness blogger-how to get more energy-hikes in Hollywood Ca-The hollywood Sign, lululemon,jana williams photography-janafromalabama.com
Happy Fitness Friday y'all!  To do all of the things we want to do in this life we need energy and a lot of it:)   while I don't support the idea that busy = success. I do recognize that there is no getting around the fact that in our society we have allot going on.  If you find yourself reaching for that second coffee in the afternoon , or craving sugar for more energy Here are a few tips that will help you balance your blood sugar so you can have more natural energy for the quality of your life. #1. Eat every 2-3 hours (more…)
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My latest obsession is Framebridge

Hey yall!! My latest obsession is home decor and one of my favorite additions are these super chic frames from Framebridge! Framebridge is the only online custom framing service that cares for your art from beginning to end. Receiving and printing art, consulting on framing design, building and assembling frames, and packaging them for shipment are all done in-house by the skilled members of the Framebridge production team. Personally,  I loved the process of taking the fun photos and choosing the awesome gold frames. The best part for me is that it is very affordable, so you can play around and change it up.  I also think it makes a great gift:)  The team at Framebridge will take great care of you! I would love to see what you create with framebridge ! When you post your pic of instagram tag Framebrige and use the #JWphototips.  I will be checking that # on the daily I want to feel connected to this community! Stay Inspired! Jana Ps.. Video and outfit details below! (more…)
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Hollywood Ca Engagement session + BTS video

Iggy & her love came all the way from Brazil for this engagement session.  I cannot get over how cute they are! Her laugh, his smile, and the light carefree energy that they share is just amazing! Personally, I love to see other photographers shoot and see what the BTS experience is like.  So I had an opportunity to shoot a super raw video of this shoot the link is at the bottom of this post. Stay Inspired! Jana (more…)
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The Wishing Tree Hike in Hollywood

 Being with nature has real benefits.  It’s not only the lack of technology and surplus of a landscape, the sunshine and fresh air that contribute to this creativity boost, walking gets the creative juices flowing far more than sitting.

I grew up in a tiny town in Alabama and my daddy is a hunter and a fisherman. Ever since I was little girl he would say he ended to go (...)

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3 Short & Sweet photo tips on Street Style Photography

Type3 Short $ Sweet photo tips on Street Style Photography custom title tag here...
One of my passions is sharing photo tips. I am a firm believer that you get what you give.  Sharing photo tips keeps me inspired and excited to keep learning and growing as an artist.  SO today I am sharing 3 short and sweet photo tips for street style photography. This black and white wall is located in west Hollywood outside of Craigs Resturant. Devon & I love this wall and this cute coffee shop across the street Verve. These are 2 cute locations to shoot in West Hollywood :)  I have a BTS video with my quick tips at the bottom of the post. Stay Inspired! Jana (more…)
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