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Hey guys! Happy Fitness Friday! Today I am gonna tell you a little bit about what I have been going through and feeling the last say 10 days and how I am going to get back on track starting right this minute.  So last Monday I woke up after a double wedding weekend these weekends are strenuous but I have been taking such great care of myself this wedding season has been easier up until last Monday. I woke up and my voice was gone I was feeling so run down and was getting hot and cold. In the past I would have called my doctor and told her I had shots coming up so please order me a Zpack. YUP I took about 6 Zpacks in 2013-2014 I was so uneducated about what I was doing. Once I educated myself this year about what exactly a Zpack is and how it weakens my natural immune system I vowed no Zpacks this year! So I was taking vitamins, I got a vitamin IV drip, drinking so much water . you name it I was doing because I had another double wedding weekend coming up. By Friday I was feeling better my voice/throat was still ouchy but I felt like I gave 100 percent at both weddings and woke up Monday sick again. I have had the busiest 2 weeks while not feeling at my best SO I have made some poor choices food wise. For the first time in forever I went to whole foods and just got sugary foods. Okay Ill tell you what I got a donut, cookies, a piece of chocolate cake, Yup this is what I reached for on Monday b/c I felt so tired and not well. I told myself just today I am gonna eat like this and then I will start over tomorrow. ( My old way of thinking) This lead to probably 3 days out of this 5 day work week I have eaten late, I have gone with foods that are not super high in nutrition but just quick, I have been skipping my healthy shots and snacking on chocolate covered blueberries. Well I woke up today and I am not over the sickness and I am not happy with the for choices I have made this week. So its time to own up and restart. Here is what I am going to do

#1 Stop beating myself up.  The negative thinking and guilt over eating the chocolate or having that glass of wine or making that trip to whole foods is acting worse for me then the foods themselves. I have to accept that I have been tried lately and not been at my fullest potential but just as I would treat a good friend or s sister tell myself to let it go and get back on track. So In this moment I forgive myself and am going to be easy on myself as I get over this cold and nourish my body with healing foods.

#2 Write down what I eat. I work really well with list. Having a food journal has always worked really well for me.

#3 Cook at home for at least a week. I find that If I stay clear of restaurants for a while I am much healthier and discipline with my meals. I pack my meals for wedding, shots, and I pack healthy snacks when I know I will be out for a while. If you eat at restaurants often you should try this for like 7 days I think you would see a huge difference in your taste buds and your overall feeling.

Thank you guys for letting me be so real and honest. We are all in the same boat. We are all so busy and sometimes we get weak and think that the piece of chocolate cake is going to make us feel so much better but the truth is it never does.

Remember we don’t workout to look good on the outside that is just a bonus we workout to feel good on the inside.

Stay Inspired y’all!


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  • October 3, 2015 - 3:23 pm

    Michael - A beautiful, honest and inspiring post. Thank you!

  • October 2, 2015 - 4:44 pm

    Alina - Thanks for sharing Jana, it’s good to feel that we are all in the same boat and we can all have slip ups and we just have to pick our self’s up and start over. Hope you get well soon <3

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Happy Fitness Friday y’all!  Fitness has become such a big part of my schedule and lately my schedule has been packed! I love to incorporate meditation into my day just as much as my workouts and healthy eating. Yoga has been an awesome way to workout my mind and body at the same time.  Personally I like to go super early in the morning right after my coffee. I go to hot yoga and I am it is a sweaty experience:) I have also tried yoga sculpt. WOW what an insane workout. Its yoga with weights yes!

Honestly I am more of a high endurance workout gal ( Barry’s Bootcamp) but I know that Yoga is great for my mind and also stretching out of muscles that get really tight during Barry’s.  One quick note too is that I always wear a victoria secret double wear bra when I am running or doing Barry’s but for yoga I love these cool fashionable bra from Carbon 38.  I hope you have a healthy happy weekend. Love yourself Love each other!

Stay Inspired!


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  • September 25, 2015 - 3:47 pm

    Alina - I love hot yoga, and it’s a good note that bras have different amount of hold and for running you need a really good hold but for yoga it can pull to much on your shoulders so get a lesser holding bra for that so not to get back pain later 😉

  • September 25, 2015 - 1:25 pm

    Amber - Love that sports bra and love this! I’m a hot yoga and meditation gal on the reg but love to switch it up and do high intensity too. Yoga sculpt is no joke, a sweaty experience indeed :)


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Hey guys! I just uploaded a new youtube with a few tips on how to look your best in a photograph. These are tips I have learned from shooting and editing all of the time:)My feeling is that EVERYONE deserves an amazing photo of themselves! Its not self obsession its self expression. Its saving these moments in time its creating memories and my hope for you is that you are not camera shy but you know the camera loves you:)

Here is a link to the video & Here is a link to my mailing list sign up to be the first to receive tips like this!
Stay Inspired!


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  • September 22, 2015 - 4:22 pm

    Andi - I think it would be impossible for you to have a bad photograph of yourself! :)